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    Trucking.PH provides Technology-fueled First and Mid Mile Ground Logistics Services to Enterprises across the South East Asia.​  At the same time Inteluck TMS and IoT platform will compile and analyze delivery information, fleet, and other multiple dimensions data to minimum logistics cost, improve efficiency and reduce waste of resources.


    We provide shippers in the fields of trucking, distribution, freight forwarding, contract logistics and customized supply chain services.


    We help truckers obtain additional deliveries, identify backhaul matches and optimize underutilized assets.

  • Inteluck Tracking V2.6 — Automotive IoT Platform

    Inteluck Tracking Platform provides Real-time vehicle location monitoring, engine status, driver behavior, temperature control, fuel consumption and other multiple dimensions data analysis, help customers easily manage fleet, control cost, reduce risk, improve efficiency and obtain more income!

    Powerful Hardware

    Inteluck use the world's first cellular NB-IoT module chip for all devices, to deliver high performance, low power, and cost effective embedded satellite positioning and wireless communication solutions to the industry.

    Data-Driven Platform

    Inteluck designs and develops own advanced cloud-based data analytics and data driven platform to empower and achieve large scale assessment and meaningful improvement for the transport and logistics industry.

    Advanced Algorithm

    From data integration to value realization, Inteluck implements advance algorithm to drives meaningful improvement of vehicle and achieve both meaningful insight and valuable impact.

    Risk Control

    Inteluck driver behavior report and risk control solutions help fleet achieve more instant, secure, efficient, and intelligent management, lower the accident rates and control the risk.

    Logistics Dedicated

    Inteluck focus on Transportation, Logostics, Trucking, Forwarding industry. Using our rich industry experience and high-tech background bring customer innovation and more value .

    Artificial Intelligence

    Through running on big data and predictive algorithms, Inteluck implements Artificial Intelligence to improve delivery efficiency, optimize delivery routes, traffic predict and management, goods matching and risk control.

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    With just a click away, know your delivery location and arriving time

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