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New Year Letter to Inteluckers for the year of 2019

Dear Inteluckers:

Plate number: ABL 8925, Driver: Jay Cruz, Helper: Richie Flores. Customer: Goldilocks Bakeshop Inc.

Our last vehicle today has done his delivery. And all Inteluck deliveries of year 2018 are already complete, Congratulations!

2018 is going to end soon, take this chance I want to say THANK YOU to all of you guys. Because of You, Inteluck achieved many goals and broke many records in this year, and now we are reaching a new stage!

The year of 2018 is not easy, the reason why we can come up to here is not because of the luck, it because of our everyday’s hardworking and contribution. Many people always set up high goals and look up to the sky, but they always forget the only moment they can capture is just TODAY and the steps on the ground.


Don’t waste of your time, life is too short and our time is really limited, we will never know when we are going to die. So always cherish your time and always cherish the one who surround you. Always be responsible to your work, be responsible to your life and be responsible to the people you love the the people who loves you.

Always keep your passion, the only way to do great work is to love what you do. I always feel passion is like bonfire, always keep us different with others, but you need to know this bonfire will not always be fiery and sparkling, sometime it will also turns to dark because of the upsets, difficulties, challenges and pains in our life. But we should always keep the bonfire in the bottom of our heart, believe it, protect it, encourage it, and grow it. Never ever lose it.

Also, go taste and enjoy your life, taste the sour, sweet, bitter and hot, and enjoy it all, just like the small poem we hang it in our office:

To love, like never been hurt

To dance, like no one appreciate

To sing, like no one listen to

To work, like no need of money

To life, like today is the end.

At last, always be kind, always help others, and always create meaningful things.

Where we will be, how much wealth we are going to gain, what title we are going to have the God already wrote the script for everyone, we just need to do our best everyday and he will lead us to there. We can’t predict our ending, but we can control the process, and the most important things for me and for all of us in our short life is how many people we helped and how many meaningful things we have done.

2019 is coming and I am very excited, hope you guys are same excited like me. I also understand that more challenges and struggles will come to us as well, but as Thomas Carlyle said "Cease to struggle and you cease to live." As long as everyone stay together, seize the day, do our best everyday, I do believe we will achieve another new stage in the soon future!

Now, go and enjoy your 2019 guys and I'll always be here with you!!

Best wishes,

Kevin Zhang

Founder & CEO of Inteluck

亲爱的 Inteluckers:

车牌:ABL8925,司机:Jay Cruz,助手:Richie Flores,客户: Goldilocks Bakeshop Inc.

我们今天的最后一辆车已经完成了配送,这也意味着 Inteluck 2018年所有的配送任务全部安全完成,祝贺大家!





永远保持你的激情, 成就一番伟业的唯一途径就是热爱自己的事业。我总感觉激情就像一簇篝火,让我们与其他人保持不同,但你也得知道,这簇篝火不会一直热烈而闪亮的燃烧,因为失望、困难、挑战和痛苦也会变暗,但永远在心底保留着那簇篝火,相信它,保护它,鼓励它,生长它。并且永远永远不要失去它。


To love, like never been hurt

To dance, like no one appreciate

To sing, like no one listen to

To work, like no need of money

To life, like today is the end.



对于即将到来的2019我非常期待,也希望你们跟我一样期待。我也知道,更多的挑战和困境也将随之而来,但就如 Thomas Carlyle 所说 “生命不停,奋斗不止。” 只要我们大家齐心协力,珍惜时间,将每天的任务都做到极致,我坚信不远的未来我们还会迈上更新的台阶!



Kevin Zhang

Inteluck 创始人,CEO

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